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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

"Angry" Democrats

I'm not going to send traffic their way by linking to the site, but the Minnesota Republicans have a website dedicated to people who protest visits by Republicans like the Bush or Cheney. It's pretty funny. Are they trying to show that only Democrats protest visits? Not exactly true, is it? Or are they trying to show that Democrats use their "potty mouths" when they do so? Why don't we ask Dick "Go F-- Yourself" Cheney about that one? Or most probably, they just think that it is funny to post pictures of so-called "Bush Haters" so the more extreme of the GOPers will froth at the mouth and get riled up to smash some heads. Actually, that may not be inaccurate, and could be scary.

I hope not, however. If anything makes me mad about the site, it is the fact that I am not in any of the pictures! Probably because my signs (like most) don't contain any f-bombs or similar profanities, so they just aren't as interesting. But still!


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