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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Surprise, surprise

Today there is yet another story about how the elections in Minnesota may be FUBAR-ed by the secretary of state. Local voting supervisors are complaining that the new voting database has all sorts of problems. At a Senate Elections Committee hearing, Mary Kiffmeyer "was put on the defensive."

This is becoming absurd. Elections in Minnesota used to be consistently great. There were no problems, there was no fraud, there were no stories like this. You could safely forget about the secretary of state and local election supervisors because they did such a good job and voting went flawlessly. But ever since Kiffmeyer was elected and started using her office as a stepping stone to further her political career, people have had to start monitoring elections again. "What happened in Florida could never happen here" was heard in this state, but that is probably no longer true. We need a secretary of state (of any party) that will focus on running our elections, not running for higher office.


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