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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Presidential blogging

This afternoon I took some time to go to the John Edwards rally in Maple Grove. When I arrived there, the line to get in was blocks long, snaking around the parking lot several times. Eventually, thousands of people were able to get into the gymnasium, while thousands more had to wait for Senator Edwards to give them an abbreviated speech after the main event. The speech was very energetic and people were quite into it. I saw many people there, all races, Christians, Jews, Muslims, elderly, teens, young children, parents, veterans...it really was a slice of our state's population.

I found it interesting that President Bush's rally was held on the friendly turf of Chanhassen, while Edwards went to the traditionally Republican stronghold of Maple Grove. I think this is concrete evidence of the fact that Bush is on the defensive and still shoring up his conservative base, while Kerry and Edwards are going for the swing voters. I have no doubt that Kerry will win this state fairly easily.

There were a couple of Bush supporters around after the speech, waving a sign and I guess trying to feel good about themselves. "Good luck trying to elect a liar!" said I. No response back; I mean, what can you say?


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