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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What's going on today

A short and relatively pointless floor session was held at the House today. It is early, and these sessions are for introducing bills and sending them off to the proper committees for hearings.

One bill to be introduced in the Senate would legalize Texas Hold 'Em tourneys. A tourney was raided in Saint Cloud this summer because it is not currently allowed under the laws that permit other card tournaments like cribbage. This certainly isn't the most pressing issue facing the legislature, but it does make sense.

Also in the Senate, Alice Seagren won approval from the Senate Education Committee, as expected.

A new group has been formed to lobby against increased gaming in the state. It is a bipartisan commission that is receiving some funding from Indian tribes that currently operate casinos are could stand to lose money if more casinos, state-owned or otherwise, are opened. Some people are unimpressed by this fact, seeing a conflict of interest. I'm just unimpressed by the idea itself.


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