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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Anti-gay marriage supporters rally today

Today the anti-gay marriage fanatics rallied at the Capitol. The Star Tribune has coverage here, while the Dump Bachmann blog has some news here. I didn't really see it, so I can't tell you whether there were more people today as opposed to the OutFront rally. Even if I did see it, I'm not good at these things anyway. The Strib said that the crow d sizes were about equal, so take that for what it's worth.

I didn't really see any signs, which is not surprising since the rally organizers put the kibosh on that after some signs that weren't media-friendly appeared last year. I heard cheering, and that's about all.

The thing that always makes me sad about these things are pictures like this, that show younger kids getting involved in the hate. I have to wonder how parents can teach their children how to have such vitriolic hatred for people that the don't even know. It's scary. Today's picture reminded me of when Brother Jed came around the U with his family, which was even worse since his children had to be under the age of ten and parroting this garbage.

Apparently, many of the attendees and speakers were ticked off that the Senate isn't dropping all other business and voting on this bill without going through those usual processes of committee hearings and referrals. Yes, it's so hard having to play by the rules, isn't it? All in all, this rally seemed to serve to give the bigots some facetime with each other, and not a whole lot else. I hope they enjoyed it.


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