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Monday, July 18, 2005

Katherine Kersten: is this the best they can do?

I don't know if there just aren't that many intelligent conservative columnists out there, or if the Star Tribune just didn't feel like searching hard for one, but Katherine Kersten has to be one of the least intelligent Republicans writing for a daily not the Minnesota Daily. Her latest column about how gangs are the result of the 60s is a real winner. Once again, we have a poor conservative who didn't get invited to all the fun parties forty years ago, and is now petulantly bashing everybody who was. Boo hoo. You're still not one of the cool kids.

It's funny. I seem to have a movie on my shelf about how there were groups of people, "gangs" if you will, who walked around carrying firearms and engaged in criminal activity. These people even existed before the 1960s, meaning that they were around before the longhair hippies with "doobies" held parties that Kersten was not invited to, therefore creating modern day gang violence. I wonder what put those people on the wrong path, if it wasn't that "acid rock" stuff.

If I wanted to see a nice shade of blue, I think I would hold my breath until Kersten wrote a column about how easy access to guns and the ridiculous war on drugs is leading people to become pushers and bangers. Look, people aren't chumps: of course they aren't going to work a minimum wage job when government bans keeps the price of many street drugs so high. But no. What we need to do to solve our gang problem is take torches to Wal-Mart, Target, and Sam Goody and burn every Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead album until they are all gone. That should do it.


At 6:35 AM, July 19, 2005, Anonymous JR said...

I have an idea! Let's destroy all of the video games and CDs, close the rec centers, get rid of the jobs programs, take away their internet access and let them eat cake--but only from the right side! I know! I know! Let's build these people a wonderful new housing complex...we'll call it "The Slammer."

Holy Moley Rocky! Hey Katherine..maybe these kids are in gangs because they see no hope, have dysfunctional families (if any), and can make scads of money doing the things that gangs do without having to go legit.

Today's policies at the national, state and local level to slice-and-dice spending on prevention and intervention programs, jobs programs, etc. will result in many of these kids ending up in the criminal justice system. At our expense, of course.

I can only guess that the Strib has enlisted Kersten as a columnist to make their viewpoints seem more reasonable to more people. My guess is that it will work!

At 12:37 PM, July 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am so pleased Ms. Kersten gets to show her (off)colors in the Strib. It's like the IL Republicans running Alan Keyes. Just a blazing advertisment for how the looney right has become mainstream thought in the formerly progressive MN Republican party.

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