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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

No no no no NO!

Just a few days after saying that Hurricane Katrina makes it less likely that a special session will be called, Senator Dean Johnson says a special session right before Thanksgiving may be a good idea after all.

Dean, Dean, Dean. What are you thinking? The thought of another special session fills my soul with dread. What would be on the agenda? Stadiums: not important. Energy prices: not important (our country has to reap what it sows). Minneapolis teacher pension fund: kind of important but not warranting a special session (it won't get much worse in a few months). A new hospital for Maple Grove: just like the pension issue. Funding for transportation and transit: not going to happen unless Governor Pawlenty has his brain transreversed by aliens.

So, we have a bunch of unimportant things, and not one thing warranting a special session. Let it go, everybody. Unless all the incumbents want to lose their re-election campaigns next year, just let it go.


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