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Thursday, October 27, 2005

New runway

There's a new runway at the airport, and it opened today. It will lead to more capacity at the airport, but many residents south of the airport are worried about noise.

Noise is a problem, and I think it would be fair to insulate houses affected by the new runway to the extent that other houses have been insulated. However, I think that airport insulation has gone a bit too far. Anybody who buys a house near an airport that is currently operating knows what that means. They shouldn't be able to go back afterwards and expect some kind of abatement.

I once lived less than 100 yards from a very active rail line. I knew what that meant, and it was the same as living near an airport: being unable to open the windows, having phone conversations interrupted, etc. And you know what? Not once did anybody offer to build a noise wall or do anything else to deal with the noise. Why are people who live hear airports treated so favorably?


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