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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Coleman votes against ANWR drilling, but is still a jerk

So Norm did vote against the budget bill, and therefore against drilling in ANWR, finally fulfilling a campaign promise after bobbing and weaving all over the map. But he still found a way to be a complete ass about it. When asked about whether pressure from environmental groups affected his vote, he said, "If anything, I wish my environmental friends would care as much about people as some of them do about caribou."

Let's see: his Republican buddies just voted to cut Medicare and Medicaid (and was itching to cut food stamp benefits) so that they can further increase the deficit by giving out more tax cuts to the rich, and Norm has the audacity to say that environmentalists don't care about people? Bill Frist, in a brave show of helping people removed $4 billion to combat avian flu because he was worried that Democrats might want to spend just a bit more money on something that could cripple the health care infrastructure of much of the country. Yeah. Whenever Republicans cast a vote on some bill these days, I definitely feel like they are showing their love for the people. The richest 1% of people, of course.


At 11:00 AM, November 04, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was far and away the funniest thing I read all week. Thanks!


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