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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Meta-Katherine Kersten's Korner

Instead of blogging about a Katherine Kersten kolumn, how about blogging about a column that talks about a Katherine Kersten kolumn? Readers' representative Kate Perry talks about Kersten today.

Why is Kersten there? Well, as she puts it, "Many people think what I say. Generally these people don't have a forum." If you are talking about playing fast and loose with facts, and throwing logic out the window, then perhaps these people don't deserve a forum. It's not that people don't want her ideas "to see the light of day" as she puts it in her best martyrdom voice, it's that her ideas are vapid, uninspired, and insulting to the intelligence of readers. Why not give some crazy street-corner guy a column?

There are some conservatives out there who can be reasonable most of the time (John Cole of Balloon Juice is one who I read regularly, even though I don't always agree). Why not find a conservative who is thoughtful and doesn't simply recite Republican talking points, no matter how logically tortured?


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