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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ek II: The aborted sequel

Since Sue Ek can't be on the ballot, Saint Cloud GOPers decided to go with another Ek candidate: Sue's mother, Kay Ek. Kay's qualifications seem to be no different than her daughter's: she hates abortion and icky gays and likes to think that using a condom during sex will get you banished to Hell. Unfortunately for her, she can't be on the ballot. So she is going to run as a "write-in" candidate.

Now, a part of me thinks it is too bad that there is now only one person on the ballot; voters do deserve a choice. On the other hand, Republicans brought this on themselves. And although some people will think it's unfair that Sue can't be replaced on the ballot, the law clearly says that replacements are only allowed when the candidate withdraws or dies. It says nothing about allowing a replacement for a candidate who is kicked off the ballot for lying about his or her residency. I suggest that any Saint Cloud Republicans who are mad about not having a candidate to vote for should talk to their party officials and get them to, you know, maybe vet their candidate next time.

MN Publius is worried that this may boomerang against the Democrats, motivating Republicans to come out and vote and making Democrats complacent. While I don't think this will happen, as Kay Ek is as unattractive a candidate as Sue and even Republicans don't seem to like her all that much, it is important that everybody still keep working until the votes are counted.


At 7:42 PM, December 20, 2005, Anonymous blogging from cloud said...

well ek family need to find another hobbie

At 9:46 PM, December 20, 2005, Anonymous chris said...

Your second paragraph is completely right. The problem is that it relies on reason instead of emotion or whatever other factors go into most voters' decisions. If voters were purely rational, would Dubya be where he is today? Or Coleman?

Of course, I don't live in St. Cloud, and if the Ek family is known in the community as being a bunch of eccentrics, then I'm probably worrying for nothing here.


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