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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

War on Christmas

I don't care about the supposed "War on Christmas". I don't care what Target employees or anybody else says to me. In fact, I don't want them to wish me anything at all. It's bad enough when overzealous store employees constantly ask me if I need help finding anything. It's a freaking store, dammit! It's not complicated.

But after going to the post office, I do realize that I want one thing: for people to know that you need to address packages before you bring them to the post office. It would also be nice if postal employees put the smack down on these people. It did me absolutely no good to properly address and fill out all required ancillary forms before I got to the window at the post office, because I kept on getting interrupted by morons who don't know how the postal system works. And the postal employees didn't turn them away with a hiss and a chop of the hand like they deserved; no, they interrupted my transaction, needlessly drawing it out. If postal employees kept these people outside where they belong instead of interrupting me, I wouldn't care if they ended every transaction with "Hail Satan, suckaz!"

That also goes for certain stores that accept cash only. You know who you are. As Bill O'Reilly said, you should be thanking Jesus for the ridiculous orgy of spending that happens this time of year. Whenever you lose a sale and piss off a customer because you won't take a credit card, Baby Jesus cries. It's far worse than wishing people "Happy Holidays!"


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