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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More caucus stuff

With 75% of precincts reporting, here are the results of the DFL straw poll for governor:

Mike Hatch 38.3
Becky Lourey 22.7
Steve Kelley 22.4
Undecided/other 9.8
Kelly Doran 6.4
Ole Savior 0.3

So I was pretty much right, although Hatch did have a bit more than I would have expected. Some are saying that this proves how weak Hatch is, but come on: there are at least three serious contenders in the race, so nobody was going to get anywhere close to 50%. I think this shows that Hatch has the momentum. If Lourey can't get the votes of the most liberal of the DFLers, those who attend the caucuses, she isn't going to do much better in a primary. Kelley is still unknown. So Hatch is the frontrunner, although if I had to make a prediction today with all of these people in the race, I don't think anybody will get the endorsement.


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