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Monday, April 24, 2006

Network Neutrality

Lots of bloggers have been on this one, so I thought I'd add my name to the list of people outraged about attempts to eliminate what is known as Network Neutrality. In a nutshell, as it stands right now ISPs can't discriminate against any content on the Internet. Everything is treated the same, from Google to a lowly blog seen by two people a day. However, ISPs want to change this, so they can charge certain providers for "premium access" and, consequently, relegate the rest to "crappy access".

This should be a non-partisan issue. Everybody benefits by net neutrality. An ISP shouldn't be able to block a liberal or conservative blog based on its content, nor should it be able to block small mom-and-pop online stores because it has an "exclusive partnership" with Amazon.com, eBay, or some other site.

It's a huge issue, and if people don't act right now it may be too late. Go to www.savetheinternet.com for more information.


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