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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Shocking news: virginity pledges don't work!

Yes, I know that it will surprise you to learn that when teens sign virginity pledges in their abstinence-only classes, it doesn't do much good.

I've harped on this issue before, and there really isn't anything new in this story, but one thing captured my attention. See if you can find out what is wrong with this quote:
The findings have raised the ire of Concerned Women for America, a prominent conservative organization that advocates adolescent sexual abstinence.

"The Harvard report is wrong," said Janice Crouse, a fellow at a Concerned Women for America think tank.

"This study is in direct contradiction with trends we have been seeing in recent years," Crouse said. "Those who make virginity pledges have shown greater resolve to save sex for marriage."
Did you catch that? That's right: the Concerned Women of America think that the Harvard study is wrong not because they have facts to the contrary, but because those who sign the pledges have "greater resolve". They don't need no stinkin' facts.



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