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Friday, June 02, 2006

We are all terrorists now

A funny thing happened to Mark Kennedy: he has, like the majority of the country, become one of those America-haters, one of those loonies, one of the unhinged moonbats.

Remember after 9/11 how merely criticizing President Bush or his policies meant that you were a terrorist and you hated America? Remember all the crap that anti-war people got before the war in Iraq when they said that there weren't any WMDs, that the Bush administration was too incompetent to rebuild the country after the war? Remember when responsible people, Democrats included, criticized Bush for his unaffordable tax cuts, only to be told that huge deficits don't matter or will go away with the sizzling economy? I sure do.

Well, it seems that Mark Kennedy's campaign plan, like the plans of most Republicans running for re-election this year, is to try to join all those crazies, to try and wash their hands of the mess they created. "Bush who?" Kennedy seems to say. "Wasn't some guy named Bush president once? Nah, can't say I've ever heard of the name." You see, Kennedy is campaigning on change, saying that Washington is broken and he is going to fix it.

But it ain't gonna happen, Mark. You see, we all know that it is your fault that this is happening.

It is almost entirely Republicans in Congress who have become corrupt, engaged in scandal with lobbyists, harkening back all the way to the K Street Project of Tom DeLay's. It was planned from the beginning, and Kennedy is an accomplice.

It is Republicans who have pushed for huge deficits and pork barrel spending. Hey Mark, all of a sudden you are concerned about our country's budget? Say, didn't you make the deciding vote for one of Bush's budget bills? If you had a problem with Bush's budget priorities, that would have been a good time to air them, don't you think?

It is Republicans who have filled the bureaucracy with their partisan hacks, even filling the bureaucracy of another country entirely with partisan hacks (remember all the kids who got jobs with the Coalition Provisional Authority who had no qualifications other than they were Republicans?). These hacks are the ones that screwed up FEMA's response in New Orleans, and you helped put them there.

Republicans have held Congress since 1994 and the White House since 2000. If "controlling our borders" is really a top priority, Republicans have had an awful long time to work on it, but of course, they don't do anything until they are looking for a wedge issue for an election.

Mark Kennedy is the reason why we are in this mess. He and all the other Republican enablers didn't just sit back and let all these catastrophes happen. No, they created them. They broke the budget. They broke FEMA. They broke Iraq. They broke our tax code. They have broken just about everything they touch, and now they want to pretend that it's not their fault.

Where are the new ideas from Repbulicans? Based on what has happened so far this year and what is planned, it sounds like Republicans' biggest worries are flag burning and teh gay. This is the "change" that Mark Kennedy thinks he can sell Minnesota? I'm sorry, but as they say, that dog won't hunt.

No, it's time for Kennedy and other Republicans to be held responsible for what they have done. It's time for Democrats to take control and seek some answers. It's time to find out why billions of dollars have been misappropriated and lost in Iraq. It's time to find out why Washington is a cesspool of corruption, mostly on the Republican side (and Democrats like William Jefferson can take a hike too if they are corrupt). It's time to get answers so these things won't happen again.

Mark Kennedy may try to run from his record, but the people of Minnesota aren't going to let that happen.


At 5:56 PM, June 05, 2006, Anonymous Chris said...

No, but don't you see? Kennedy was a CPA and Klobuchar is a lawyer! And Marky-Mark just "doesn't understand the way Washington works sometimes." Outsider vs. Insider!

I think you vastly overestimate voters' intelligence. If they all felt the same way you do, Kennedy and Klobuchar wouldn't be running essentially neck-and-neck right now.

Norm Coleman's attacks against Paul Wellstone were insulting to people's intelligence too. Wellstone would be at Farmfest, for instance, and talk about his work on anti-trust legislation for large ag conglomerates, and Coleman would respond like an excited, raspy-voiced 3-year-old, "But the Senator didn't get it done!!" Ditto for covering prescription drugs through Medicare. And Coleman was against these things! He didn't want them to pass in the first place! And his dumbass supporters in the audience would always applaud those lines, too.

My favorite Coleman moment came, I think it was discussing disaster aid for Northwest Minnesota, when Wellstone was talking about the aid package that the Senate had passed, all the amendments and contributions that he had made to the package, and that the GOP House and the White House were both opposed to it. Seems like a pretty clear-cut example of the Republicans obstructing something good for Minnesota, right? And Coleman said something like, "It's still your fault, Senator, since you weren't able to personally convince all the House Republicans and the President to be for it."

At 12:06 AM, June 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...and Mark has a really nice hair cut and his last name is Kennedy and he is a really nice guy. He is down to earth. You'd like him."
Unfortunately, I have heard that before.


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