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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pawlenty's classroom ad

Governor Pawlenty has a new ad up about classroom funding. It touts his plan to require school districts to spend 70% of their funding in the classroom, and says he's the only person who can require accountability in the classroom.

This stupid idea has started a debate. Why is this idea a stupid one? Well, let's put it this way: the Minneapolis School District reaches that 70% threshold already. The majority of districts in this state, including many successful suburban districts, do not. If you need more proof that arbitrary funding mandates don't work, here's what the Star Tribune has to say: "Pawlenty spokesman Brian McClung offered no evidence of a correlation between student performance and low administrative spending." Even they don't believe it.

But if that's what Pawlenty wants to run on, go right ahead. I'll even toss in a couple of slogans he is free to use:

Tim Pawlenty: Bringing the effectiveness of Minneapolis schools to your town!

Tim Pawlenty: They may be unproven ideas, but at least people like them!


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