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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dumb and dumberer

If these are the kinds of ideas that House Republicans are going to be putting forward, they should get used to being in the minority, because they will be there for a long time.

It's not really surprising. The new Minority Leader, Marty Seifert, has always enjoyed stupid gimmicks much more than rational policy. After all, he was the person behind such brilliant proposals as banning dessert in prisons, fining welfare recipients who smoke, requiring the Pledge of Allegiance to be spoken only in English, and English-only drivers license exams.

His new proposals are requirements that Minneapolis and St. Paul (and only those two cities) spend 100% of their LGA funding on public safety, and a ban on the use of taxpayer money for buyouts of coaches' contracts at the U of M (despite the fact that taxpayer money isn't used at all). Yes, that's the way to capture the imagination of the public.

Not only are these proposals plain stupid, but what happened to Republican values? What happened to local control? I remember how, in the wake of the Contract with America, Republicans abolished the strings attached to federal money and instead gave it to the states in block grants to use as they saw fit (see: welfare). Republicans supposedly believed at the time that the closer you got to the people, the better the decisions would be, and that mandates from higher up were bad. They are bad, except for when they aren't.

I expect to see lots of funny proposals from Rep. Seifert in the next couple of years. Should be fun if you aren't a Republican hoping to win back the majority.


At 10:06 PM, January 10, 2007, Anonymous mrw said...

Don't forget Seifert's involvement in the House GOP's loitering stunt back in 2005. The highlight of his turn in the seat?

12:43 AM - Someone is doing a very crude imitation of a mourning dove.

And that's how you win the minority.

At 2:18 AM, January 11, 2007, Anonymous Chris said...

Bashing everything the other side does, and doing lots of lame gimmicks.

Seifert seems to be taking PR advice from Mark Kennedy.

At 8:01 AM, January 23, 2007, Anonymous Chuck Barris said...

The whole caucus is probably saying something to the effect of "Whew, now we don't have to lead anymore! We can just be the loyal opposition!"

At 12:21 PM, November 16, 2008, Blogger David said...

it's a sad commentary on America that some are so ready to give up hope and faith in their own ability and turn everthing over to the Marxist Obama and the freaks that are in charge of the house and senate. To think that the pig Frankin, due to the democrat vote fraud machine in Minnesota could steal that senate seat is rediculous.

BH Obama is the the president of those who voted against him. We will return the favor by repeating the rage that the democrats/communists screamed for the last 8 years. It's not over, the battle has yet to begin.

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