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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Special session

At this point, the odds that a special session will be called are not good. The bonding bill, the state's budget, the stadium issue, tightening up sex offender laws, and (sigh) gay marriage are all issues that were left in limbo when the legislature adjourned for the year.

Although Republicans are blaming Senate Democrats for the stalemate, what was more remarkable was the fact that the Republican House and the governor were unable to work together on several major issues, like Northstar commuter rail. Three-way government was the norm in the days of Jesse Ventura, and most people thought those days were over when Pawlenty was elected. It looks like they may have spoken too soon.

Who will this help and who will this hurt? Only the House of Representatives is up for election this year. The public is in a "throw the bums out" mood, and the Republicans have far more bums that could be shown the door. The Democrats may come out ahead in this one, and it is pretty obvious that this is what they are thinking. Add to this national events that are taking a toll on the Republican party, and it could make for a very interesting election in the House.


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