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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Dayton and Moon - WTF?

I was over at the great and wonderful site Eschaton earlier today (as I am most of the time) and Atrios posted a little story about the totally insane ceremony held on federal property where the Reverend Sum Myung Moon crowned himself the Messiah. Moon says nice things like homosexuals are dung-eaters and that Hitler and Stalin have swung around to his support. Even Jesus things Moon is the Next Great Thing, according to himself, of course. In other words, he is like David Koresh, only very, very rich, which is why he gets far more fawning attention than he deserves (he owns the Washington Times and spends millions each year subsidizing its right-wing news).

What caught my eye in this story is that one of our senators, Senator Mark Dayton, was supposedly at this event. As I said before, WTF? Why would any sane person be associated with this nutball? This goes especially for Democrats.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to drop the senator a line and ask.


At 11:31 PM, June 17, 2004, Blogger Patrick said...

I posted this as a Kos diary around the end of March. Some of the posters blamed naivety or the fact that Dayton is something less than brilliant; seems reasonable to me. I doubt he'd knowingly attend Moon's event, considering the Senator's very strong stance against the FMA and other anti-gay BS.

If anyone does write and ask Dayton (I'm far too apathetic for that), I'd like to see his office's response.


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