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Friday, June 04, 2004

Pawlenty confuzzled

Methinks the governor is a bit confused about his actual power (see here). Governors don't exactly get to decide what the legislature can and can't debate during a special session. That is determined by the, um, actual legislators. So unless Michelle Bachman and her ilk are kept tied up in a closet, there is nothing to keep anybody from bringing up the gay marriage amendment in a special session, regardless of the governor's promises. In addition, the Senate or the House can choose to adjourn at any time without the governor's permission, so he can't "allow" the Senate to adjourn if gay marriage comes up either.

His word in this matter is about as binding as when I say "I've got the check." If Pawlenty really wants to make promises, he should stick to things he can actually do. Otherwise, he is just blowing smoke.


At 9:17 PM, June 04, 2004, Blogger Patrick said...

Oh, he knows it. But this'll be in the news, and people will think Tim's just a swell guy. He's very good at pretending to be a moderate uniter.

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