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Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Politics of Hate

Sparks flew at FarmFest when House Speaker Steve Sviggum and Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson shared the stage at an agricultural forum. At one point, according to the story Sviggum "became red with anger" and said "I'm pretty sick of the politics of hate in this country."

The politics of hate? Like the anti-gay marriage amendment that Republicans relentlessly push to the detriment of everything else? A measure with many backers whose hatred for homosexuals is barely veiled? That sounds like a pretty good example of hate he is talking about.

I'm all for the end of the politics of hate. A good start would be to get the Republicans to drop this silly amendment so we can get on with a special session. Taking an issue that is nothing more than election year social wedge politics and trying to change our state's constitution is not good governance. Let's end the politics of hate and start governing for the good of the state.


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