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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Keggers & Guns 4ever!

The City Pages has an article today about the Campus Republicans and college Republicans in general, and it isn't very flattering. Of course, given the subject matter, it would be hard to write this story in any other light.

In the article, we learn that Campus Republicans is dominated by men; women seemed to be turned off by ideas like a plastic fetus Easter hunt, or the group's obsession with guns (and you know what they say about guys who like guns and what they pack personally...) Or, women may just be offended by the fact that conservative guys find this to be the ideal, attractive "woman." I know I would be.

We also see a Republican intellectual tour de force as they explain that Democratic ideas like a smoking ban are social engineering, but Republican social policies like a ban on gay marriage or a ban on abortion are not. Why not? Uhh, because it's not. Right.

The article also mentions Orlando Ochoada, who appears to be a member of the group. This is quite a feat, since Orlando was no longer on campus at the U of M even when I was there, and that is going back a ways. He has got to be in his 30s by now, and yet he still thinks it is great to be a member of a college organization. I'm sure he will be there until they institute some kind of age limit.

The members of the Campus Republicans say that colleges campuses are becoming more conservative. Well, damn. Who wouldn't want to be a member of an all-male student organizations, hanging around with misfits who never seem to be able to leave the group even as they grow old, while talking about fun events like a fetus festival? No wonder they are taking the nation by storm.


At 1:31 PM, April 28, 2005, Anonymous amber shoemaker said...

My name is Amber Shoemaker. I was a student at the U of MN for the spring of 2003 sem. to fall of 2004 sem. your article was written in oct 2004. thats while i was a student there. also while i was one of the most active female members of the campus republicans. I sat at almost every table. i was even in charge of a pro life table where i personally handed out small plastic 11 week old baby fetuses. there is a pic of me doing so in a minnesota daily article. i love that organization and the work that they are doing. I had to leave due to a surgery on my lower spine that prevents me from commuting to minneapolis anymore but i still visit as often as i can.


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