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Friday, October 15, 2004

World likes Americans, doesn't like foreign policy

A big poll shows that people around the world generally like Americans, but don't like Bush or his foreign policy.

This is what I have found in my own travels around the world. Even in the Islamic countries I have visited, the people like America and its freedoms. They want a share of it too. What they don't like is the fact that our foreign policy stinks. When Muslims ask how we can say we support democracy but then support the autocratic Saudi royal family, what can you say to that? It's the truth. Or America's complete support of Israel. Unfortunately, this has been going on for some time; it didn't start with Bush.

What we have done in Iraq only makes this worse. We install expatriates into power, give a fraction of the money for reconstruction to real Iraqis (as opposed to Halliburton), and just police the Oil Ministry. We can get the world's respect again if we move beyond corruption and nepotism and truly support freedom.


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