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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

...and we're back!

Just got back from a Thanksgiving trip. Aside from the bad traveling weather on Wednesday (the method of transportation this year was driving), all was well. I visited a large American city (must protect the guilty), and it really made me think.

This city was in a red state, thus it was automatically 100% more moral than Minnesota. That was hard to see, though. For one thing, if the nightly news could be believed, crime was rampant. Shootings every day, and were talking about a city smaller than Minneapolis/Saint Paul. But never fear, the news made up for it with important stories like what is proper e-mail etiquette.

I'm not a fan of any TV news programs, but the worst of the worst around here is definitely channel 5. No other station exemplifies the maxim "if it bleeds it leads," and KSTP's fall has been so complete it is almost pitiable. But apparently, in God's City, every news show was like this. Murder, then hooray for the troops, then shopping, then sports. This kind of warped presentation of reality really does not help our democracy. If this is what people are seeing, it's no wonder they vote for Bush.

It makes me glad to live here, blue state and everything. At least I realize that crime is not epidemic, that 97% of people just want to live their lives and be happy, and that bad things are the exception, not the rule. I'll stay here and give up God's country.


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