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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Dangerous ignorance

When it comes to gay marriage, most ignorance is dangerous, but Republican Representative Dan Severson seems to have a bad case. As quoted in a St. Cloud Times article, he is all for the gay marriage ban. Why? Well, because "I think there is an education process that needs to take place that shows how gay marriage hurts traditional marriage, a fundamental institution for our society." Yes, because I've noticed how Massachusetts has turned into a hellhole, and how other countries in Europe have been razed with fire and brimstone since they legalized it. Will Canada be next to sink to the depths of Hell?

He also says , "I think (homosexuality) is a behavioral issue. If there was one place that showed it was genetic, I'd think about it more. ... It's not proven in the bible." Anybody who is using the Bible as a text on genetics is beyond belief. Look, I grew up pretty close to Rep. Severson's district, and I was educated in Catholic schools for 13 years. That meant a lot of study of the Bible, which I would dare say I know more of than Severson, but never did we use it for biology. We had real, you know, biology texts that talked about genetics, DNA, natural selection, all that scientific stuff.

It is scary enough when I read surveys that say a good chunk of people think that man lived with dinosaurs, or the world was created 6,000 years ago as it said in the Bible. It is even worse when our elected officials hold these beliefs. If we don't fix this scientific ignorance soon, we are going to be left way behind in this new century.


At 9:50 AM, January 13, 2005, Blogger CrispyShot said...

While I share your horror at Severson's statements, I'm not sure "ignorance" is the most accurate term; I think maybe "willfull disregard" might capture it better. As I understand it (and I've spent a little time recently reviewing Texas textbook battles), it's not that Creationists/Intelligent Design proponents don't understand or haven't learned about evolution and genetics; rather, they reject them as they directly contradict a literal interpretation of the Bible. (Check out Answers In Genesis for an eye-opener.)

In fact, I suspect it's not scientific ignorance, but historical ignorance that might be more at play here. If fundies knew more about the political battles that made the canonical scriptures, well, canonical, they might not regard them as so infallible.


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