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Friday, February 11, 2005

Kennedy in

Unsurprisingly, Rep. Mark Kennedy announced today that he is running for the Senate. Pundits are saying that he is the Republican frontrunner at this time, something that I agree with. I don't see any other Republicans that are currently thinking about running who can knock him out of his front spot. That doesn't mean Kennedy is a particularly strong candidate, in my opinion. I still think he is an empty suit, and if he backs Bush's agenda, including Social Security privatization and cuts in farm subsidies, he is going to have a hard time defending his record here.

If he runs for Senate, that means his congressional seat will be open. And politics does abhor a vacuum as much as nature. Several people are running for his spot, including crazy Michelle Bachmann. I would still rather see her run for Senate, but no matter where she runs, she is sure to be a lightning rod.


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