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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

House committee votes down smoking ban

The title pretty much says it all. The Commerce Committee voted it down on a voice vote. The strange thing to me is that not one person on the committee wanted to go on record and call for a roll call vote. Surely, somebody would have wanted to go on record supporting the ban.

This bill may not be entirely dead, but it will take some pretty good maneuvering to keep it alive. Passing it as an amendment to a bill on the floor is still possible.


At 9:47 AM, March 03, 2005, Blogger DP said...

Give it a year. When people realize how nice it is (or will be) in Minneapolis to be able to go out to a bar or see a band without coming home smelling like an ashtray, and the restaurant industry does not get decimated (I predict business for many places will increase), support will be stronger.

At 6:45 PM, March 03, 2005, Anonymous LM Wanderer said...

I live in Minneapolis and I can hardly wait for April 1 when I can go to my neighborhood bar / restaurant and enjoy a burger and a beer and not choke on the smoke from the less than one quarter of the people who are smoking. I believe that there are more people like me than there are smokers who will stay home if they can't pollute the air wherever they go. As I recall only 18% of the people in Minnesota smoke. The remaining 82% of us would like to breathe clean air with our dining out. Thanks for letting me rant.

LM Wanderer

At 10:17 AM, March 08, 2005, Blogger American Lung Association of Minnesota said...

Fear not, folks, a smokefree Minnesota is coming. It may just take a little longer to get here. For more on the Freedom To Breathe Act, see our blog:

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