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Monday, April 04, 2005

Dirty, dirty, dirty

I travel along I-94 every day, and it has to be one of the ugliest stretches of Interstate highway anywhere. The litter along the sides of the road and in the median is disgraceful. I know that MnDOT doesn't have a lot of money these days, but for such a heavily traveled segment of road to look so bad reflects poorly on the state. Don't we have county inmates with nothing better to do than to clean up?


At 10:38 AM, April 05, 2005, Blogger CrispyShot said...

Having moved here from San Antonio, TX, I can assure you that yes, there are uglier stretches in the country. I, too, drive I-94 daily (from Woodbury to MPLS), and while it ain't that pretty, there is definitely worse. Part of Texas' love of the low-tax, low-service model.

At 11:35 AM, April 06, 2005, Anonymous John said...

Gov. Pawlenty must be reading your blog. Did you see his overpass photo-op:


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