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Monday, March 28, 2005

Education: a winning plan

Blogger is all bloggered tonight, so hopefully this will get through. A story today details how Minnesota is at or near the top in the nation when it comes to how many people have high school and college diplomas. Even neighbor states are nowhere close to Minnesota.

This demonstrates what a great investment education really is. All of these highly-educated people create economic growth, which in turn attracts more highly-educated people to join in. It's a self-reinforcing trend that gives our state a boost that it might not otherwise get considering its climate and location. And as the story hints at, higher taxes are not necessarily a deterrent. As long as we have the jobs, cultural amenities, and transportation network (let's work on that), we will be able to attract and keep these knowledge workers. The cry of "lower taxes no matter what" is in the long run a destructive plan.


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