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Friday, April 08, 2005

Legislative benefits

Legislative benefits are in the news these days. First, Senator Mark Dayton is eschewing his pension when he retires from the Senate. He will get $16,000 a year for his six years of work, an amount he thinks is too high. It probably is, although I certainly wouldn't turn down that kind of pension for working six years in one place (anybody know of a job like that other than senator?). He's rich enough not to miss it.

On the state level, there has been some controversy over the fact that former legislators can enroll in the state health plan at any time. Some have done so before seeking medical treatment, thus sticking the state health plan with the bill. A bill has even been introduced to fix this alleged problem. Is it a problem? It doesn't cost much money, but it is something that few others get to enjoy. Maybe all uninsured people in the state should be able to enroll in the health plan at any time. Again, if we had universal health care, these kinds of issues would not exist.


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