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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


The filibuster isn't a Minnesota issue, so I haven't commented on it. Norm Coleman is a Minnesota issue, unfortunately, and his role in this is interesting. He wasn't in the group of Republican moderates that brokered this compromise. Why a Jewish boy from Brooklyn is hanging around with ideologues of theocratic leader James Dobson is beyond me. Those kind of people put this out, which I read to see what the crazies are thinking (in this month's edition, they argue for the enforcement of laws against unmarried people living together, says that Terri Schiavo was murdered, and says that Christians are sooooo persecuted today that it's easier to be a Wiccan). What gives?

Anyway, I think the compromise is not bad, but could be better. The main thing I would change would be to guarantee a vote on any nominees other than Owens, Brown, or Pryor, since they are the worst of the worst, so bad that even right-wingers say one is not following the laws. But anything that makes the freepers go nuts can't be all that bad.

And it looks like Frist may ignore it all anyway. He's such a good role model for losing gracefully.


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