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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Concealed carry craziness

The legislature is addressing the concealed carry issue in the waning days of session, and now it has turned decidedly weird.

First, the murder of a bouncer outside of Nye's Polonaise Room in Minneapolis. Turns out the shooter had a concealed carry permit. Not only that, but he was allegedly waving it around in people's faces in an attempt to intimidate them. Supporters of the bill have often said that no serious crimes have been committed by permit holders. This is no longer true, but it doesn't look like this murder is going to be changing any minds as far as the vote goes.

Even more strange, this morning somebody sent to legislators an e-mail threatening them if they don't pass the bill. It was sent in the name of a pro-concealed carry activist, Joel Rosenberg. He denies sending it, and at this point there is really no reason to doubt him. I've read the e-mail, and it looks to be a low-grade hoax. I'd be willing to bet even money that the e-mail was sent by an anti-concealed carry advocate trying to make the concealed carry supporters look bad. It sounds like the FBI is investigating.

The House will probably take this bill up tomorrow, where, barring any more surprises, it will probably pass.


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