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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Junket Coleman

So Norm is right up near the top of the Senate when it comes to privately funded travel. Clever Peasantry has the details. It begs the question, can Coleman become even more slimey? He's always had "slick operator" written all over him, and this makes it even worse. Trashing Kofi Annan while ignoring the incompetence of the Bush administration, traveling to Las Vegas, Boca Raton, and Punta Mita, Mexico and getting thousands of dollars for airfare and lodging...wow, he sure fell right in with Frist and DeLay, didn't he? Ah, yes, the benefits of being in the majority party with a "for sale" sign on your soul.


At 10:35 AM, May 05, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the shoutout. I have an update on Travelin' Norm on the site:




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