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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Duh - - 'oh!

It's official: fancy-schmancy uppity book lurnin' thinkification is no longer the goal of the United States. Feel free to become stupid. More here.

Seriously, this is outrageous. This is no different from the president saying that the theory of gravity is wrong and instead we are held on the surface of the Earth, and our planet is held in orbit around the Sun, by invisible 1.5-dimension golden millipede lassos. That theory and Intelligent Design have the exact same amount of real, scientific evidence backing them up: none. Zero. Squat. Bush has basically come out and said that when it comes down to believing in ghosts or the world in front of his face, he'll pick ghosts.

Either this country will rebound from its current plague of anti-intellectualism and look at this incident today as the lowest point in the history of science in the U.S., or we will continue to forego science and our way of life will be destroyed. Either way, today I am ashamed.


At 6:40 PM, August 04, 2005, Blogger clonar22 said...

Look, he's into realpolitik. Evolution, intelligent design or phlogiston it's not part of his calculus. I bet he can describe his last ten jogs, though. Selective attention, ahem. And speaking of life in a small planet, whatever happened to the Minnesota of Hubert Humphrey? I feel like I was frozen and woke up in Hobbitland.


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