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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Narrow viewpoint

I completely missed this one a month ago from MPR. Heck, I didn't even know it existed.

The political blog Minnesota Politics, which spends way too much time citing only the Star Tribune as its information source, provides this assessment in the who won-who lost competition.

Point taken. Yes, a lot of my citations are from the Star Tribune. Why? Well, there are many reasons for this. First, I read my news online. I just don't have time to read the dead tree versions of newspapers. So that means that I get my news from websites. And face it, the Pioneer Press website sucks. It's awful, it's one big advertisement, with little in the way of actual news. I'm not the only one to complain about the website; even people from within the organization say that it is horrible.

As for the other major papers, again, it's a matter of limited time. I'll read things once in a while when I know something is going on in Duluth, Rochester, or St. Cloud, but I'm not reading them every day. This is a hobby, not a career, and I pretty much post when I feel like it. Ease of use and laziness cause me to sometimes sound like a house organ for the Star Tribune, but it's not by design.

Things probably won't be changing anytime soon. Given the choice between going to the lake and reading more newspapers to get a more balanced view of Minnesota politics, right now the lake wins. Sorry.


At 1:44 PM, August 08, 2005, Blogger Hammer said...

You were the only blog listed in the round up. I'd chalk it up as a feather in your cap and move on. Of course an MPR reporter will complain that MPR isn't cited enough.


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