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Monday, October 17, 2005

The Clenis

I am shocked, shocked, that Katherine Kersten does not blame the Vikings woes on Bill Clinton. She writes an entire column about how the Vikings sex party is evidence of society's sexual decadence and deviance, and not once does she mention the Clenis. Like I said, I am shocked.

I'm sure the urge was almost unbearable. An angry, rotund, balding devil sat on her shoulder, poking her with a pitchfork and yelling "Blue Dress! Cigars! Blowjobs!" in her ear, but she held firm (unlike the flaccid hillbilly-heroin addicted devil, but I digress) and did not give in. Instead, she talks about "Sex in the City" and how so many 18- to 24-year old males download porn that only the kinkiest of perversions can get them off (but I think it's unfair to taint all men simply because she spends too much time talking to the Virgin Ben).

Could this be a new era of restraint on the part of conservative commenters? You know, I doubt it.


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