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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Could it happen?

The governor and legislative leaders met this afternoon, and a special session may be a bit more likely. But it's still a stupid idea.

A Gophers stadium is the only thing that would be on the agenda of the one-day session. It's not like I don't want a new Gophers stadium; of all the stadia ideas out there, this one is best. The Gophers won't move out of state, and it would be nice to have football on campus again. I went to a Big Ten school with a real football stadium on campus, and it makes a difference.

But there are no guarantees during a special session. Any legislator can put forward any bill or any amendment to a Gophers stadium. They can stay longer than a day. They can take per diem money. They can do whatever they want, because once the governor calls a special session, only the legislature can end it.

A Gophers stadium would be nice, but it's not necessary to call a special session for it.


At 8:13 PM, October 06, 2005, Anonymous Michele Bachmann said...

I'll be offering amendments. Wouldn't want godless commie professors using the stadium to hold mass homo weddings.

At 3:11 PM, October 07, 2005, Blogger Kevin from Minneapolis said...

I think the U stadium is the worst idea. Who gives a shit? If you went to the U right now and asked every student you saw, "If the state were to give the university $150 million, what would you spend it on?" I bet less than 10 would say stadium.

I also think the fact that they won't leave should hurt their chances. There's no urgency there.


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