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Monday, January 23, 2006

Sixth Congressional District Republicans

The Pioneer Press has an article about the four people who are running for the Republican nomination in the Sixth Congressional District, comprising the north and west suburbs.

Here's the rundown:

State Senator Michelle Bachmann: She hates teh gay.

Jay Esmay: Who???

State Representative Phil Krinkie: Dr. No. He adamantly opposes government in almost any form that spends money. I think he's okay with government getting into your bedroom, though.

State Representative Jim Knoblach: Sounds like Jimmy Stewart. Also doesn't care much for spending of state dollars, particularly for programs that are popular in his neck of the woods like the Northstar line.

All of them are trying to stake out positions to the right of everybody else. What fun! None of these people is really going to light the fires of voters in the district (although neither is Ellwyn Tinklenberg), so if they think that being the most conservative is going to win, that will make for an interesting election.


At 12:13 AM, January 24, 2006, Anonymous chris said...

I loved listening to that candidate forum last November, where all four came out in favor of a "consumption tax," and against any kind of anti-price-gouger laws for gas prices.

These are all verbatim quotes:

Michele Bachmann: "...we are now at a time where we are, very realistically, looking at a consumption tax vs. an income tax. And the whole difference behind this is that people would really feel the burden of the tax increases, and they would choose how they want to proceed."

Wow! Should I choose to heat my apartment this week, or should I choose to eat? Thanks for all the exciting new choices you're giving me!

Krinkie: "I am against what we call the Communist gas-pricing law in the state..."

Esmay: "I was disappointed with the vote on ANWR. I would have voted for it. You know, in one 2,000-acre plot, it’s estimated there’s enough oil that would match 30 years oil supply from Saudi Arabia."

Esmay: "...if you look at Prince William Sound now, after the Exxon-Valdez, three years later it was pristine. In fact, it was better than it was before."

Bachmann: "I think what I would want to know is, you know, we’ll do a gas-gouging law about the time you put a price control on the price of tickets for Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney and Barbara Streisand and Alec Baldwin. You know, nobody’s calling for limits on those guys, and yet, they want to talk about fixing prices for the oil companies."

Bachmann: "Take a look at the pumps. Last week I found gas at $2.07, and if you had a coupon, you could get it for $2-a-gallon. Now, $2-a-gallon seems like a lot, but take a look over time. That really is a bargain, and we’ve seen the economy markets take care of themselves, bounce all the way up at $3, we were told it was gonna go to $4, we were told it was gonna go to $5, and now here it is hovering back now in just over $2-a-gallon."

That's gonna sound really good in October 2006.

Knoblach on immigration: "A lot of it is just a matter of effort. I mean, look at the Minutemen down in Arizona. Untrained people who are stopping all sorts of people coming into the country just by basically being there and doing a few simple things. It’s not hard to stop people coming in."

What's funny is that, in all the wingnuttery flying around that evening, Bush's Social Security privatization was so toxic that only Esmay would endorse it.

At 8:46 AM, January 27, 2006, Blogger Hammer said...

Wow. I never knew oil spills were good for the environment. Better than before. That's amazing.

He's proabably right. The water isn't all cluttered up with all those living creatures any more.


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