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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Checks and Balances has some info on fundraising numbers for new legislators (registration required). It is somewhat interesting.

Also on the topic of fundraising, the Star Tribune has a story on all the fundraisers taking place right now because the legislature isn't in session until March. Fundraising is a fact of life in politics, so that there are fundraisers is not surprising or shocking.

A couple things crossed my mind when reading the article, though. First, it's pretty sad that House Republicans are proud of block renewable energy standards and ensuring that we remain dependent on Middle Eastern oil. And I don't even think that any House members work for oil companies! Second, the article says that DFLers accuse the Republicans of being beholden to the wealthy and businesses, while Republicans say that the DFL is controlled by "Indian tribes, trial lawyers and labor unions." Aren't we forgetting right-wing social conservatives like the Family Research Council and MCCL for the Republicans and school teachers for the Democrats?


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