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Friday, April 07, 2006

Learn something Friday!

Pharyngula rocks. Scientist, outspoken atheist, tireless fighter against the Creationists, lover of cephalopods...what isn't there to like? Today he has up a post that describes how Plan B works, a.k.a. the "morning after pill", that is so simple yet so complete anybody can understand it. Sure, I have long known how hormonal birth control works, but get gets into the interesting minutiae, complete with hormone graph. It's great.

It also conclusively demonstrates how Plan B does not and can not cause an abortion; rather, it prevents ovulation in the first place. So why are Republicans against it? It can't be about being "pro-life", leaving just one answer: they are anti-sex, and anti-women. You don't think so? Well, then give me one good reason to oppose Plan B that doesn't involve moral judgments on sexual behaviour.


At 8:50 PM, April 08, 2006, Anonymous ulpian said...

Watch out for some pro-life/pro-choice poll this week.

I'm up in Bemidji. Saturday evening I received a call -- it was an robo-phone survey on abortion. The text ran like this: "If you would describe yourself as pro-life, opposed to abortion, press one. If you would describe yourself as pro-choice, in favor of abortion rights, press nine."

Well, I duly pressed the "9" key and got a follow up: "Thany you for being pro-life..." whereupon I hung up in disgust.

Then I hit star-6-9 and got the number 918-770-0606. 918 is an OKLAHOMA area code. I called the number and the system told me "That extension is unavailable. Please leave your message at the tone."


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