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Sunday, May 14, 2006

More poll results

Unsurprisingly, when people hear that they don't have to pay for stadiums, they don't care as much. Cynical politics indeed.

I guess we no longer live in a time when things are wrong just because they are wrong. Giving hundreds of millions of dollars to billionaires so they can play? Not wrong. The government collecting data on the private domestic phone calls of its citizens, like the Stasi and KGB? Not wrong.

Sviggum continues to be a grade-A hypocrite, saying that he would say "no" to public funding for stadiums, but when he doesn't have to personally pay for it, it's alllllll good. He then asks whether people would support money for the Guthrie or a "bridge in Warroad." Arts funding is debatable, but people do tend to support it. And road funding is a function of government, last time I checked, so I really wouldn't have a problem with a bridge in Warroad. Good examples though.


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