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Sunday, June 04, 2006

More evil

Yet another story about how some people would rather have their daughters die of cervical cancer than send "mixed messages" about sex. The fact that people such as these have kids, and are probably warping them with their own screwed-up viewpoints, is something that keeps me up at night.

Do any of these parents have the intellectual capability to understand that if they prevent their kids from getting this life-saving vaccine, they are preventing their children from choosing what kind of life to live? Not everybody believes that having one sex partner in your life, and only within marriage, is the kind of life they want to live. And despite beliefs to the contrary, those of us who have sex outside of marriage can do so without mental anguish or unintended pregnancies by being smart.

But no. Apparently, a 2,000 year old book is more important than a person's life. Nice to know.


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