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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Knee-jerk ignorance

I found this article on the Ellison's "Hamas-loving" supporter to be interesting, and to verify what I assumed the story was. There are obviously lots of people who support Hamas: the PLO was corrupt and Hamas provided services that the people need. Same with Hezbollah. That doesn't mean that the people who get medicine from Hamas support their terrorism, it means they support the only group that cares whether they live or die.

I see this as a sad reflection on the state of politics and the economy in these Middle Eastern locales, because when things fall apart so badly that these quasi-governmental organizations need to pop up to provide people with basic services, it's not a good thing for obvious reasons. But Republicans? Most of them are probably ignorant of the history of Hamas or the Middle East in general, so they can't comprehend how anybody can support Hamas. They are terrorists!

It must be fun to have such a narrow mind and live your life based on white-or-black moral absolutes. Actually, it's probably not fun. I've spent enough time around those kinds of people to know how much fun it isn't.


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