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Thursday, September 07, 2006

These are the times that try a nation...

It's nice to see that Congress is spending these crucial few weeks before the election on the important stuff.

Why should I care if people eat horses? Horses are animals like everything else, and like all other animals, they are made out of meat. Giving meat names doesn't make it not meat. Sure, I don't think I would care for horse meat, but to each his own.


At 11:06 AM, September 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This issue has been on the agenda for MANY people for a VERY long time. You may not care about it, but many folks in this country DO care, and they deserve to have their voices heard. I fully support this bill. Before you callously relegate this issue to the scrap heap as unworthy of consideration, I suggest you do a bit of research on the subject. Start here, and then Google things like "horse rescue", "horse slaughterhouse", and "kill pen" (this article should make good reading during mealtime).
We as a society desperately need to wake up to the responsibility that we have to the animals we've taken under our domestic wing, and provide safe and sound care for them. That includes, in my opinion, NOT tossing our devoted pets in the meat grinder when we're bored with them, and shipping their remains off to be eaten in a foreign land.
This country has a LOT of issues to face, and the idiocy of the current administration has made it difficult to deal with other problems we must handle. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to tackle them anyway. I urge you to learn more about the horse slaughter, and at least try to understand why it is so important to so many.

Ms Anon

At 3:45 PM, September 08, 2006, Blogger Douglas Hester said...

I had horse sushi last year in Tokyo. Yummy. Horses are not "devoted pets", any more than cows or chickens can be.

At 4:34 AM, September 09, 2006, Blogger edgaralgernon said...

Well.. lets see...

The French eat horses (can be found in some regional resturants to this day I believe.)

The French are "evil".

So, to show we don't hate Americe, we can't b like the French.

(and yes that's sarcasm.)

Seriously... Sorry Ms. Anon. To give status of one type of meat farmin over another doesn't make sense. Horse meat bad, cow meat o.k. is simplistic at best. There are mor major issues that congress should deal with.

Plus this is a wedge issue for the enviromentalists that are against meat processing. The beef industry is too large. So taking a page from some conservative playbooks they start with the niche industries. From there they can attempt to expand the campaign.

Oh well, off to listen to my Smiths albums...

(oh.. side note... as any real horse owner will tell you. Horses are not pets.)

At 8:55 AM, September 11, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horses are not "devoted pets", any more than cows or chickens can be.

(oh.. side note... as any real horse owner will tell you. Horses are not pets.)

I would hate to be one of your horses. By the way, I AM a horse owner, and I KNOW a lot of horse owners, none of whom would want to see their equine companions wind up on someone's dinner table.

Ms Anon


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