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Friday, August 27, 2004

Reagan Memorial Highway?

David Strom and those wacky Taxpayers League of Minnesota adherents want to bump off Governor Floyd B. Olson's name from the Olson Memorial Highway and name it after Ronald Reagan. They are also looking to get rid of the Olson statue at the Capitol.

History review for you, David: Floyd B. Olson was actually governor of Minnesota three times. Ronald Reagan was not from Minnesota, did not live in Minnesota, and did not win the vote in Minnesota in either 1980 or 1984. Although I am aware of the fact that for ├╝ber-conservatives, intoning Reagan's name is an orgasmic pleasure (except perhaps for Tom Prichard), but wouldn't it be nice if proposals for honoring him made any sense whatsoever? Getting rid of a memorial to an important Minnesotan to build a shrine to somebody who never won a vote here is absurd.

I'll save for later the fact that I can't understand the adulation for somebody who preached fiscal responsibility but exploded the national debt, talked God but never went to church (like the current occupant of the White House), and talked responsibility but had Iran-Contra. Three letters is all I need for this question: WTF??


At 7:48 PM, January 16, 2005, Blogger Moses said...

Strom's trying to carry out some Reagan Deification Project cooked up by Norquist and other wingnuts. Renaming Olson Highway is not only a slap in the face for Minnesota, it's a quasi-hegemonic kick in the butt to Minneapolis and its poorest neighborhoods, through which the road runs.

If they must go through with such a stupid idea, why not have some suburb take it up... like Apple Valley or Shakopee. It should be attached to the largest highway in either town, after which its repair and maintenance budgets could be cut and toll booths can be set up on either end and at all intersections and exits. They could call it the Reagan Memorial Highway, $5 per car.

I had a suggestion for these yahoos when I first saw the story.

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