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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

"Breaking News"

Head on over to the Pioneer Press website right now and you will see that the "Top Story" is this: Bumper sticker causes political flap. It is about how a bumper stick that says "Bush/Cheney — Most hated world leaders since Hitler" was passed out to a few people by a DFL clerk and then stopped.

The story says that the bumper sticker "
compares President Bush to Adolf Hitler," but I must be missing that. It says Bush and Cheney are the most hated people since Hitler. It is objectively true that most of the world despises Bush and Cheney. Whether they have lower approval ratings around the world than Hitler did, who knows? I don't see a direct comparison to Hitler, though. This bumper sticker is not terribly interesting and I wouldn't have one on my car, but I don't think it is as over the line as, say, Cheney suggesting that if people vote for Kerry, terrorists will attack.

But come on, is this the top story this afternoon? Is this the most important thing out there, Pioneer Press?


Are you sure?

Okay, whatever!


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