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Friday, October 29, 2004

Disgusting anti-voting tactics

Here is what is being distributed in black neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Republicans have done the exact same thing in the past (I think I remember one case in Maryland), so it's likely that some more evil Republicans are behind this.

Here's another example, with Republicans being directly responsible for voter intimidation. It seems that they sent registered mail to voter registrants, and whoever refused the mail the Republicans targeted in order to deny them the vote. Hopefully, the people who are bringing forward these frivolous challenges will be prosecuted.

I've never heard of such tactics from the Minnesota Republican party, to their credit. Sure, there are always accusations of fraud (the Minnesota Politics Discuss board is currently awash with them), but in general those allegations are never substantiated, and Republicans usually don't make a big deal out of trying to keep people from voting. This year may be different, however, as Minnesota is seen as a battleground state that may help decide the election. There is evidence of increased scrutiny from both sides. I sincerely hope that this scrutiny won't lead to voter intimidation.

In general, though, Republicans want to depress voter turnout, while Democrats want to increase it. No matter who a person votes for, I want them to vote.


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