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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Pawlenty giving in

Governor Pawlenty is on KARE-11 right now being interviewed, and when asked whether he is confident that Minnesota will go Republican for the first time since 1972, he all but threw in his hat. He didn't say "no," but you can't get much closer than what he said. He's seen the exit polls and the turnout numbers, and he knows Dubya's goose is cooked here.

...R.T. Rybak just said that 70% of voters in Minneapolis have already voted.


At 4:25 PM, November 03, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...


while i can claim "moral" victories; kennedy and bush, i seem to have gotten crushed elswhere. but how's this for spin? the GOP incumbents who lost state house races in MN were (except 1 or 2 cases) the moderates of the party. parallel to that, winning close elections in open seats were committed conservatives who ran as such.

but enough stonewalling. where am i sending my check?
- sancho

At 7:07 PM, November 03, 2004, Blogger MN Politics Guru said...

I agree that some moderate Republicans were replaced by moderate Democrats, although some Republicans, like Boudreau, were not moderate at all.

Give me a bit to think of a place, since while we won the battle in Minnesota for Kerry, we did lose the war.


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