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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Fast food lawsuits

A bill was heard today in the House that would ban lawsuits against the food industry for obesity. Such a lawsuit has never been filed in Minnesota, but that's not stopping a largely Republican group of legislators from introducing the bill.

All I can say is, huh? The bill would exempt lawsuits brought against the food industry for false nutrition claims or in cases where food was tainted. In other words, it will still allow lawsuits that people file for good reasons. As far as I can tell, the bill would only ban lawsuits along the lines of "I'm suing McDonald's because I'm fat and they sell food." Such a lawsuit wouldn't get anywhere anyway and it wouldn't cost the food industry money to defend, as the bill's author says, because anybody idiotic enough to file such a baseless lawsuit would end up paying all court costs anyway.

Minnesota's statute books are too long already. This would add yet another feel-good law that does nothing. Aren't Republicans supposed to be against that?


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